Portraits - Essence Love Artistry


A relaxed and informal portrait within a natural setting or location. Creating beautiful portraits requires a mixture of technique, artistry and fun. We know all too well that having one’s picture taken by a stranger can be an uncomfortable experience. This is something we seek to avoid through capturing a subjects’ unique individuality within a relaxed and casual environment. In our portraiture, we therefore wish to capture not only outward appearance but inward character, one’s personality and emotions regardless of age or gender. We have always abide by the familiar cliché that an image is worth a thousand words, because in our long experience of photography, we find it to be intrinsically true.

Our portraits photography starts from £75.00 for 10 images.  Please give us a call and we will be happy to discuss your requirements. We can shoot at your preferred location or at our Norwich studio. 

  • Beauty
  • Glimpse of light
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