Food Photography

One of my passion in photography is taking food photography, not. because they are delicious but also they are colourful. Over a year I have done food photography for various restaurants in Norfolk and Suffolk, most of my work been used for website  of for updating new menu. 

Specially in our current climate most restaurant is unable to open due to pandemic crisis, mostly  running on delivery. 

All these images performed on their premises. I found job become interesting, each assignment has individual challenges, however those makes my work more interesting. 

Each job we have a strict hours, often food preparation is become a nightmare but making sure work is done properly we have to be flexible, because at the end of the goal is able to perform a good image. 

Most difficult challenge I face mostly lighting condition, some of restaurant have good lighting but some or none. This is the tricky one but somehow we nail it .. creativity comes with bright idea.

Please click this image, I hope you enjoy my delicious images !