Geranium Spark Alone, Sardinia
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"I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia in 1973 but have lived in the UK for many years based on the beautiful Norfolk coast with my loving family and an adorable Airedale Terrier. Although I have a relaxed manner and am at ease with people I take each photographic assignment very seriously and ensure each Client has meet the expectation.

My passion for photography has been broadened through travelling and working with people. The colour and diversity of Indonesia has trained my eye and given me a unique style.  I deeply love creativity, natural beauty and fun! I try to never limit myself or to any possibilities. Each shoot is a challenge I relish to ensure I capture each individuals true spirit and essence and transforming this into beautiful images ."

To enhance my skills I have explore photography through travelling and meeting people. I see different angle and feels from time to time, as often I feel the sadness through people souls and happiness from their laughter.  It is one of great experience that I able to witness in life and it grew respect for the others culture and their life. 

Please feel free to explore my other side of photography     from landscape throughout native people from different countries.